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Conversion of some types* of residence permits into a residence permit for “work”


* Please note: applications for these types of permits must be submitted to the Police Headquarters (no Post Office application kit). Types of residence permits to be converted into work permits:  “special cases” - “humanitarian grounds issued under the previous legislation” - special permits issued for reasons of social protection - “subsidiary protection status” – permits issued under Art. 6, para. 1-bis, of Legislative Decree 286/1998 as subsequently amended.


- 4 identical recent passport-sized photographs

- previous residence permit

- € 16.00 revenue stamp

- evidence showing that the applicant can afford accommodation, for example:
a declaration of hospitality together with a copy of the landlord or host’s identity document and with a photocopy of registered purchase of property under the name of the landlord or host or with a photocopy of the applicant’s official rental contract

- documents providing proof of employment history, for example:
employed work: photocopy of an employment contract, latest payslips for the current year, latest income tax declaration (if available)
self-employed work: latest income tax declaration form (modello unico) or else, if the self-employed activity has been recently undertaken, documents providing proof of the commencement of the relevant activity (i.e. enrolment in the Chamber of Commerce register, VAT identification number, or other), a letter issued by a certified accountant/tax consultant certifying presumed income based on the documentation in their possession

- receipt of payment of € 70.46 fee for one-year residence permits or 80.46 fee for two-year residence permits to be paid for by filling in a dedicated pre-printed paying-in slip – “bollettino postale” (for minors see below). The paying-in slips are available at post office help desks displaying the sign “Sportello Amico”.

In cases where the applicant has one or more underage children whose residence permit is about to expire:

- 4 passport-size photographs of the minor

- their previous residence permit, or else, a birth certificate issued with their parents’ names if they are newborn babies in Italy without a residence permit;

- a letter of attendance issued by the school if the minor is still attending compulsory schooling

- receipt of payment of € 30.46 fee to be paid for by filling in a dedicated pre-printed paying-in slip on behalf of the minor. The paying-in slips are available at post office help desks displaying the sign “Sportello Amico”

- a € 16.00 revenue stamp exclusively for minors between 14 and 18 years of age.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to apply to convert residence permits for “subsidiary protection status” into residence permits for “work” the beneficiary of international protection (subsidiary protection) must unequivocally renounce his or her status as such by signing a written statement.



To submit your application request an appointment at the Immigration Office

of the Police Headquarters of Arezzo via WhatsApp message on 3519134939



The official text is the Italian version of the website. Any discrepancies or differences created in the English translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the Italian version of the website.


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