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Issue / Renewal / Update of Residence Permits and Residence Cards


A residence permit must be applied for (depending on the visa obtained and the existing provisions) at the Police Headquarters of the province where the foreigner is actually based within 8 working days of his/her entry into Italy.

Renewal of a residence permit (where allowed) may be applied for at the Police Headquarters of the province where the foreigner is actually based 60 days before its expiry date.

Relevant legislation:

Legislative Decree No. 286/1998 as subsequently amended (Consolidated Immigration Act).

Presidential Decree No. 349/1994 as subsequently amended (Regulation implementing the Consolidated Immigration Act).

How, where and when to apply:

Types of residence permits or residence cards to be applied for through post office help desks displaying the sign “SportelloAmico” by filling in the application kit (the application must be submitted at the post office in an unsealed envelope):

-political asylum or status of stateless person (renewals only)

-awaiting the granting or recognition of Italian citizenship

-conversion of a residence permit (where allowed)

-duplicates and updates of the residence permits listed below:


-self-employment / employment / pending employment


-religious reasons

-long-term EU residence permit

-chosen residence

-study purpose (exceeding 90 days) / scientific research / apprenticeship or professional training.

Free and qualified assistance for completing the application kit can be obtained from the Patronati (trade union-based institutions) which have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Interior. They will also provide a list of the required documents.

The list of the Patronati and Post Offices offering this service can be searched by municipality at as well as a non-exhaustive list of supporting documents requested for the different types of applications.

After submitting the application kit, the Post Office will give the applicant a special receiptstating that they have applied for the issue or renewal of their residence permit and a printout with their later appointment at the Police Headquarters. The applicant will find on the receipt a password and a userID to check the progress of their residence permit issue on the official national website of the Polizia di Stato. (Please, enter the file number - 10 characters - or the registered mail code -12 characters - relating to the application for your residence permit).


Types of residence permits or residence cards to be applied for directly to the Immigration Office Desk or to Police Stations with local jurisdiction to book by phone appointment.

- Political Asylum / status of stateless person (only when applying for the first issue)

- Residence card for family members of an Italian or community citizen

- Medical treatment (with entry visa)

- Medical treatment (pregnancy and childbirth)

- Duplicates and updates of residence permits listed here

- Sporting event

- Legal proceedings*

- Integration of a minor child* (first upgrade from a residence permit issued for “minors” to one issued upon reaching the age of 18) 

- Minor age* (unaccompanied minors)

- Working holiday* (only for foreigners from countries which have entered into a specific agreement with the Italian State)

The official text is the Italian version of the website. Any discrepancies or differences created in the English translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the Italian version of the website.


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