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Transfer of property use


(Cessioni di fabbricato)

Transfer of property use must be notified to the Local Public Security Authority* within 48 hours by any (natural or legal) person who gives, in any capacity, the exclusive use of property or parts thereof to another person for a period of more than one month (under Article 12 of Decree-Law No. 59 of 21 March 1978, enacted by Law No:191 of 18 May 1978). This responsibility lies with the competent landlord or anyone who has the premises under his/her control in his/her own name or on behalf of others (i.e. the property owner, persons entitled to use the property, the tenant in case of a sublet, or the legal representative in case of company-owned property).

The landlord concerned must verify the identity of the tenant by examining his or her identity document (and filling in the appropriate form with his or her personal details). Identity verification is mandatory and cannot be replaced by personal acquaintance.

Article 2 of Decree-Law No. 79 of 20 June 2012, enacted by Law No. 131 of 7 Aug. 2012, stipulates that the obligation to notify the transfer of property use is fulfilled by registration of rental contracts and loan-for-use agreements of property or parts thereof – both subject to registration within a fixed period (pursuant to the consolidated provisions on registration duty, i.e. Presidential Decree No. 131/1986).

With regard to property sales, Article 5 of Decree-Law No. 70 of 13 May 2011, enacted by Law No. 106 of 12 July 2011, had already stipulated that the obligatory notification would be deemed fulfilled by registration of sale contracts.

Where required, this form can be used for notification purposes and, for property located within the municipality of Arezzo, it can be delivered by hand to the police officer at the entrance of the Police Headquarters, by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt or by email to the following certified email address (PEC)

NB: please note that when you transfer the use of a property and/or provide hospitality to non-EU nationals the obligatory notification referred to in Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 286/1998 still remains even if the contract has been registered.

For property rental or subletting for less than 30 days, see Servizio Alloggiati Web / Guest Registration Forms

* Local Public Security Authority: in the municipality of Arezzo it is the Police Headquarters, in the municipalities of Montevarchi and Sansepolcro it is the local police station, in the remaining municipalities in the Province of Arezzo it is the local Mayor.


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