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Hospitality for non-EU nationals – requirements for private citizens who, in any capacity, provide accommodation


Article 7, Legislative Decree 286/98 and later amendments

Whosoever, for whatever reason, takes in or gives hospitality to a foreign national or rents or permits him/her the use of property must inform the local Public Security Authoritiy* in writing within forty-eight hours, in compliance with Article 7 of T.U.I. (Consolidated Text on Immigration), Legislative Decree 286/98 and later amendments.

The declaration of hospitality must always be submitted without exception, regardless of the length of stay or whether the persons hosted are relatives or in-laws.

The written declaration must include, apart from the personal details of the declarer, the full name and address of the foreign national, his/her passport or identification document details, the exact location of the property in question in which the foreigner is lodging or is hosted.

This form can be used and submitted to the police officer inside the guard house at the entrance of the police headquarters only in cases where the accommodation is located within the boundaries of the municipal area of Arezzo.

Please Note: Providers of accommodation facilities (including B&B, non-professional property owners, holiday villages, etc.) or any person who arranges lettings and sublettings  for periods less than 30 days must fill in the form with personal details of customers and submit it exclusively online. See this link: Online registration service "Alloggiati Web".

(*)Please note that the local Public Security Authority is the Questura in the municipal area of Arezzo, the Commissariato di PS in Montevarchi and in Sansepolcro and the Comune (Town Hall) in the rest of the towns of the Province of Arezzo (except for Arezzo, Montevarchi and Sansepolcro).


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