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Residence permit


About 6000 electronic residence permits (PSE) are ready to be delivered to their holders.

About 6000 electronic residence permits (PSE) are ready to be delivered to their holders.
The Police Headquarters of Florence, in order to offer additional services to foreign nationals and avoid a long wait at the Immigration Office, has adopted some instruments supporting ordinary procedure.

1) Publishing of the list of permits available for collection. All foreign nationals living in the province of Florence, who have applied for the first issue or the renewal of a residence permit, can check its position in a list arranged on purpose, just following the steps indicated hereafter.

2) Opening of a personalized system of convocation via text message for the collection of residence permits or any other notice concerning the application of issue/renewal.

3) Drawing up of a schedule showing convocations of foreign nationals, who have applied for a PSE and have not appeared at the date appointed by mail or texting. You can refer to such schedule, in order to find the new convocation date without being obliged to go to the counter or phone.

4) Residence permits which cannot be printed by the "Poligrafico dello Stato", since they have already expired: you can ask for the renewal of your "non-printed" permit directly at the Immigration Office, thus assuring continuity to your legal status in Italy.

Foreign nationals are requested to agree to such initiatives, so as to avoid the chaotic overload caused by scheduled and non-scheduled public, be sure of the date of their appointment, reduce waiting times and, moreover, allow a more prompt processing of their applications, especially when specific problems arise.

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